The Concept

Party at the Pool (P@P) is a community of friends which intends to bring fun in our life … in Belgium. 

Aside the famous Idea@thebar , P@P organizes once a year a big event. Food, drink, music, fun, friends … is the leitmotiv and the philosophy of the organizors. The 2008 P@P will take place on June 27th, close to Brussels. Where then? Grez-Doiceau at 25 min of Brussels.

This year 2008, they have decided to add an extra dimension and support the non-profit organisation “Art in All of Us” ( This is why you read this message ;-).

Action for you:

1/ save the date : June 27th

2/ Book your place : send an email to the organizors (address will follow) : 25 € with BBQ, 10€ for the Party

3/ Participate to the Auctions : in your answer/comments on the different prizes, give a better price than the previous one 😉 no limit



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