An Original AiA picture

We will auction one … and only one picture of Art in All of Us at P@P… but …

but, the auction will end at the P@P evening … on stage

Give us some time and you will see the picture soon

Starting price … heu, we will tell you later


A week with AiA on the field

You want to discover what Art in All of Us brings to the kids … on the field? and you are not afraid of a “rough” week? Go and join our photographers on the field. Pick a date that suits you, get a valid passport, buy a flight and join Stephanie and Anthony for a week of total mental shift. They will not only teach you how to make stunning pictures (they are both pro’s) but you will see how Art in All of Us is changing the kids life. A must do …

Start price : this is not a travel agency 😉 so all transport and daily expenses are … for you, for the rest, … you decide