An Afternoon in a rare Old Timer

Hi, what about an afternoon in a rare Old Timer? A Simca Designed by the Famous “Facel” ? It’s a wonderfull 2 seater coupé, red with black top, totally restraured. “un charme Fou!” I poropose to have a nice summer tour in the Brabant (both Flamish and French … 😉 with a break for a glassof wine.


Auction : You to start …


2 Responses

  1. Hey, this looks great, what is the starting price ?

  2. Are you the GREAT Guy i’m thinking about ? with a big cigar on FB 😉

    Well, starting price is up to your appreciation… do not forget, there is only 3 of these cars in Belgium… and less then a dozen in France… What is the price for renting a Ferrari for 2 hours … well double it 😉
    Ben for Art in All of Us

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